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Hi, I'm Tantek Çelik and my home page is http://tantek.com/.

I've been working on and advocating open web standards since 1998, in particular in the W3C CSS and HTML working groups, and have most recently written and published an HTML5 tutorial video/book:

I've also recently given several presentations on HTML5.

I am a contributor to HTML5, and encourage the web authoring/design/development community to add to the WHATWG Wiki and send feedback to the WHATWG list.

CC0 release

I, Tantek, hereby release all of the edits I made on the WHATWG Wiki prior to 2013-02-20 under the CC0 Public Domain Dedication, as described in WHATWG Wiki:Copyrights.

public domain release

remove enclosing displaynone span when image embeds enabled: http://creativecommons.org/images/public/norights-a.gif" (CC)NO RIGHTS RESERVEDremove enclosing displaynone span when image embeds enabled: http://creativecommons.org/images/public/norights-a.gif"(CC)NO RIGHTS RESERVED
Released into public domain

I agree to release all my text and image contributions (past, present and future), into the public domain*. Please be aware that other contributors might not have done the same, so if you want to use pages with my contributions under public domain terms, please check past contributors' user pages.

"^ Creative Commons Public Domain License, the original at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/publicdomain/ or any later version published by Creative Commons; with either a waiver of rights, or an assertion that no rights attach to a particular work."


I'm currently (as of 2011-176) a Mozilla employee developing and coordinating work on web standards.

Much of this relates to HTML5.

See my list of projects that I'm working on with Mozilla.

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