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I hand author MathMl and SVG in XHTML pages. Most recently FireFox 3 added the ability to display mathml in svg in xhtml - nested XML namespaces. The languages can and will be learned by many like me who generate math and science materials for academic web sites. Since I author HTML5 using essentially HTML 4.01 strict standards, I can fairly easily shift from an HTML5 compliant document to an XHTML+MathMl+SVG compliant document. This is neither hard nor scary. I suspect the real issue is the draconian error handling that XHTML+MathMl+SVG brings with it, and may be why many authors want to see MathMl and SVG namespaces in HTML. That is an implementor issue, however, and not a language issue. It seems to this naive person that an implementor could choose other options besides a "yellow screen of death" simply because an img tag was not closed/terminated properly.

"an implementor could choose other options" Agreed. Opera already does a decent job (even giving you the option to re-parse the page as HTML. Jeff schiller 16:42, 25 March 2008 (UTC)

Areas of Research (Mathematics)

Under Areas of Research the following question appears ...

What is the most widely known way of authoring mathematics?

I think it is fair to say that LaTeX has, for some time, been the most widely used language (the Lingua Franca?) to author mathematics. The LaTeX syntax is certainly more suitable for typing by hand as opposed to MathML; however, I do believe that MathML is the way mathematics should be encoded in an HTML document for consistency. If you are a touch-typer and have developed some experience with LaTeX writing mathematics, then it is safe to say you can likely type out mathematics faster than you can write it on paper with a pencil (assuming all the thinking has been done.) As a mathematician who uses LaTeX, I would would always appreciate more robust and supported utilities to translate LaTeX to MathML. I think most people would agree that MathML is not ideally coded by hand as it is very verbose and low-level (not that it isn't done by some ...see above).