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Foreign Fetch

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This is a proposal for invoking service workers for requests that are same-origin with the service worker fetched from cross-origin clients.

Modifications to Fetch


On the face of it, it seems step 3, substep 5, of https://fetch.spec.whatwg.org/#http-fetch, needs modifications to check for a foreign fetch enabled service worker before going to the cache/network.

There also needs to be some kind of limit imposed so you can't get infinitely nested service workers (or loops). What exactly is best here is unclear.


[Constructor (DOMString type, optional ForeignFetchEventInit eventInitDict),
interface ForeignFetchEvent : ExtendableEvent {
  readonly attribute Request request;

dictionary ForeignFetchEventInit : ExtendableEventInit {
  required Request request;

partial interface ServiceWorkerRegistration {
  Promise<void> enableForeignFetch();
  Promise<void> disableForeignFetch();

Note: We cannot extend FetchEvent because that exposes client and messaging functionality which might lead to security issues since current practice is all same-origin messaging when it comes to service workers.

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