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Bugzilla conventions

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These are the conventions used for bugs filed in the W3C Bugzilla for specs also maintained by the WHATWG.

Subject prefixes

Some specific topics have prefixes in the bug summaries to help group the bugs.

bugs relating to <video>, <audio>, HTMLMediaElement, Controller, WebVTT, WebRTC (PeerConnection and Stream), and closely related topics.
bugs relating to WebVTT and related topics.
bugs relating to form controls.
feature requests relating to form controls.
something relating to the spec publication process (including anolis, spec splitter, the START and END markers, etc)


See bug priority policy according to the chairs. Initial commenters are only allowed to set priority to P3 or lower. Editors and editorial assistants can change it freely. Chairs can decide on a final priority. P1 is very urgent. P2 or P3 is for technical comments except possibly feature requests. P4 or P5 is editorial or non-technical, or feature requests.


All bugs should be normal severity. Bugs that need dealing with ASAP (because they are blocking implementer work) should be marked blocker. I use other severities for prioritising important or less important bugs.

Status Whiteboard

something related to the rel, meta, or other registries (and probably pending a decision on how to deal with them all)
A single letter value
part of a temporary grouping (e.g. so I can deal with related bugs together)


The bug filing system should automatically pick the right component. The components are pretty self-explanatory. WHATWG-specific issues should be moved to the "other Hixie drafts" component.


The boilerplate used when resolving the bug comes from: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html/2009Oct/0680.html

The requirements for use of different resolutions are here:


Helpful query links


If you're helping with the bugs you may find these bookmarlets useful.