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Animation in HTML

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Use a form of SMIL

  • Already a W3C specification with an active Working Group and Activity
  • Existing tools and content use SMIL (two web browsers now support SVG+SMIL: Opera and Apple)
  • Microsoft has shown some interest in SMIL (HTML+TIME)

Use SMIL Timesheets with a link element

  • Provides externally referenced 'timesheet' to define temporal behavior of document
  • Works for HTML without markup change (uses existing HTML:link element similar)
  • Spec currently in Working Draft status with an active Working Group and Activity
  • See example [1]

Apple's CSS animation proposal

  • Already implemented by Apple in Safari
  • Works for HTML without markup changes.


  • Any patent-encumberances with Apple's proposal? They are willing to submit it to W3C
  • Has the "CSS animation proposal" been formalized in a spec, peer reviewed? Not yet
  • If "CSS animation" was chosen, would this effort become an additional activity of the HTML Working Group? Or would it be a separate proposal formalized by Apple with which the HTML WG would coordinate? CSS working group
  • The current proposal suggests CSS animation. Other than the fact that it's XML, are there any technical arguments against using SMIL (i.e. why is it considered the inferior choice)? SMIL requires markup changes to use, for stylistic effects