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Active Image Accessibility Use-cases

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This page is for listing accessibility problems with active (probably script-generated) images that may need to be solved.

  • Low- or no-vision users may have difficult reading text drawn into an image. Solutions may involve keeping around the original text, so it can be accessed by assistive technologies on demand.
  • Low- or no-vision users may have difficulty determining the connections between far-flung sections of a complex image, such as a graph, because they cannot easily assimilate the entire image's information at once. Solutions may involve annotating sections of an image with descriptions that can be accessed by assistive technology on demand.
  • Low-vision users using a magnifier to aid in resolving details can't see the entire application at once, and so don't know if something is happening that requires their attention in a part of the application that's not currently being magnified. Solutions may involve telling the magnifier about active areas, so it can alert the user and pan/zoom appropriately.
  • An image with significant structure may be difficult to navigate purely visually, so AT users may wish to explicitly jump between successive "important elements" of the image (such as buttons or headings), with some easy-to-notice indication of where in the image the element is located (such as zooming into the region of the element, or highlighting the element).