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There are many specifications that need editors. This page lists some of the more important ones. If you want to volunteer to edit one of these specs, contain [email protected] or post on the WHATWG mailing list or say something on the #whatwg IRC channel on Freenode.

How to edit a spec

We have some documentation on how to write a spec that could help if you want to help out.

Specs to edit


  • A rewrite of DOM2 Traversal.
  • A rewrite of DOM2 Range.
  • User Interaction Events (onclick, onkeypress, etc).
  • window.atob
  • window.btoa


There are many specifications for extending CSS that are in need of editors. The most important ones are:

  • CSS3 Flexible Box or some other UI layout model
  • CSS Animation
  • CSS Gradients

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