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There are many specifications that need editors. This page lists some of the more important ones. If you want to volunteer to edit one of these specs, contact [email protected], post on the WHATWG mailing list or say something on IRC.


  • HTML Editing APIs
  • multipart/form-data
  • SVG
  • APNG (other image formats too maybe?)
  • Animated GIFs need a spec that, in particular, specifies how to handle timings (not all browsers honor all values, so we should specify what needs to be honored exactly)
  • robots.txt
  • A specification that defines how XML maps to DOM Core. (This could be in DOM Parsing and Serialization or HTML if XML does not get updated.)
  • HTTP (error handling in particular, might become less of an issue if we're successful in removing it in favor of HTTPS)



There are many specifications for extending CSS that are in need of editors. The most important ones are:


Currently, the state of registries on the Web (and indeed for the Internet in general) is a disaster. At a minimum, the following registries need dramatically updating:

  • MIME types
  • URL schemes

It's possible that the right solution is to change approach altogether (e.g. moving more to a wiki model of registries).

See also: Registries

Other stuff

http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html/2008Oct/0127.html has a description of some sections that needed editing in 2008 and how much work they would be.

Stuff we managed to specify eventually