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  • ...and XHTML outputs of Validator.nu are produced using SAX serializers. When variable content is pushed to the serializers, SAX events are emitted from hand-writ ...to the static method are possible and used for running code that emits the variable part of the result document.
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  • |A variable. This could be an actual variable in a mathematical expression or programming context, or it could just be a
    13 KB (2,079 words) - 19:34, 28 April 2010
  • The reason for checking not only the `readyState` variable but also its value is that Opera currently implements a non-functional `rea
    24 KB (3,819 words) - 15:17, 12 September 2012
  • ...) has been truncated to remove code not relevant to showing the dialog: if variable a is set as 'true', another element (not found in this page) is also shown)
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  • ...s inheritance model] (even maps ids of the underlying DOM elements to the variable names).
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