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To request an account, ask an autoconfirmed user on IRC (such as one of these permanent autoconfirmed members).

WHATWG Wiki:How to create a user account

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If you are an autoconfirmed user, you can fulfill requests to register a new account.

The method of doing this is not necessarily intuitive, so here are the necessary steps:

  1. Go to Special:UserLogin and click on "Create another account". (Or go directly to the Create account page.)
  2. Remove any of your info automatically filled in by your browser (username, password, e-mail address, etc.).
  3. Enter the requested username in the "Username" field.
  4. Check (tick) the box for "Use a temporary random password and send it to the specified email address".
  5. Enter the requested e-mail address in the "Email address" field.
  6. Enter the requested real name in the "Real name (optional)" field, if desired.
  7. Enter the request method (e-mail, IRC, etc.) in the "Reason" field.
  8. Submit the form by clicking the "Create another account" button.

This process will send an e-mail containing an automatically-generated password to the e-mail address provided. The user can then log in and change their password (and confirm their e-mail address) from the information in that e-mail.