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Validator.nu alt advice

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The purpose of this page is to enable collaborative creation of advisory text for certain cases of alt usage so that this advice can be displayed by Validator.nu. Note that like the rest of this wiki, editing requires you to agree to release your contributions under the MIT license (see wiki footer). Please note that while copying text from the WHATWG version of HTML 5 is OK, copying text from RFCs or W3C specs is not OK.

Image Report

The img elements of the page (if any) are shown below categorized by their type of textual alternative. Please review that the images in the group match the definition all what kind of images should appear in that group.

No textual alternative available, not linked

The following images are not links and have no textual alternative available (no alt attribute), and are, therefore, not accessible to people who cannot see the images or understand the symbols in them.

An image belongs here if the image is significant (non-decorative) and the markup generator doesn’t have knowledge on what the image is about available. For example, a photo gallery generator does not have textual alternatives available when the user refuses to provide them.

Purely decorative images should have the empty string as the textual alternative (alt=""), so it is a mistake for those to appear here. Also, when the markup writer knows what the images are about, (s)he should write textual alternatives.

No textual alternative available, image linked

no alt link

  • List
  • List

Omitted from non-graphical presentation


  • List
  • List

Images with textual alternative

with alt

  • List
  • List