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Validator.nu GNU Output

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Revision as of 08:48, 22 January 2008 by Hsivonen (talk | contribs) (→‎Issues: Document current solutions to issues)
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Support for the GNU error message format has been requested.


The GNU spec isn’t quite specific. The following issues need to be addressed:

  • What should be put in as the file name when there is none?
    • Currently, the empty string is put in the file name field in this case.
  • How does one stuff a URI in the file name field considering that the colon is a field separator?
  • What should be done if line breaks occur in the message?
    • U+21A9 is written instead.
  • Do the anticipated consuming apps support UTF-8?
    • The output is UTF-8-only.
  • Should this format only include errors? How does one distinguish informative messages?
    • Each message is prepended type subtype: . (The colon is followed by a space and subtype with its preceding space is optional.)
  • Validator.nu counts columns by UTF-16 code units with a tab simply counting as one column. The GNU format counts “ASCII” columns with 8-stop tab expansion. I really wouldn’t want to do tab expansion.
    • Columns are reported by UTF-16 code unit without tab expansion.

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