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HTML derivatives

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This page documents specifications which have some past or present relationship to the WHATWG HTML Standard.


Work that once took place within the WHATWG HTML Standard but that now continues elsewhere.

Former section(s) Current specification Notes
Content-Type Processing Model MIME Sniffing (WHATWG)
DOM Parsing and Serialization DOM Parsing and Serialization (WHATWG)
Editing APIs HTML Editing APIs (W3C)
UndoManager and DOM Transaction (W3C)
Origin The Web Origin Concept (IETF) RFC 6454
Selectors API Selectors API Level 1 (W3C)
Selectors API Level 2 (W3C)
Web Database Web SQL Database (W3C) Abandoned in late 2010.
Web Sockets

The WebSocket Protocol (IETF)

RFC 6455
Web Subtitle Resource Tracks WebVTT (W3C)
XMLHttpRequest XMLHttpRequest (WHATWG)
XMLHttpRequest (W3C)


Work that is being done in the WHATWG HTML Standard and then republished separately elsewhere.

Current section(s) Derivative specification Notes
Web workers Web Workers (W3C)
Server-sent events Server-Sent Events (W3C)
Web sockets The WebSocket API (W3C)
Web storage Web Storage (W3C)


Work that has forked from the WHATWG HTML Standard and may differ significantly from that document.

Derivative specification Standards body Notes
HTML5 W3C Regularly takes patches from the WHATWG spec, but is not up to date and doesn't take all changes. See this document for an incomplete list of differences.