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(Identify contexts and how to use them.)
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Context types

Context Definition Type Hint Scriptable? Used in HTML? Used in CSS? Sniffing Algorithm
browsing HTML Yes Yes No? MIME type sniffing algorithm
image No Yes Yes rules for sniffing images specifically
audio/video No Yes No? rules for sniffing audio and video specifically
style @type or "text/css" No Yes Yes?
script @type or "text/javascript" Yes? Yes No?
font format() No No Yes rules for sniffing fonts specifically
text track "text/vtt" No Yes No
cache manifest "text/cache-manifest" No Yes No

How to use a context

  1. Identify context.
  2. Determine whether to fetch resource based on type hint, if any.
  3. Set no-sniff flag on resource, if necessary.
  4. Fetch resource.
  5. Handle resource.
  6. Sniff resource.
  7. Process and display resource or prompt to download resource, as appropriate.