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CDATA Escapes: Difference between revisions

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===String Literal Detector Heuristic===
===String Literal Detector Heuristic===

====CDATA state====
<dd>Treat per current spec.
<dt>Anything else
<dt>Anything else

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Hard Requirements

  • It must be possible to have the string "</script>" in a string literal in inline JavaScript without having to use JS-level escapes. (This possibility may be limited to scripts that use the <!-- ... --> "Hide from old browsers" pattern.)
  • It must be possible to have "<!--" and "-->" in string literals in inline JavaScript without having to use JS-level escapes.
  • Must not rewind and reparse with different rules.

Medium Requirements

  • It should be possible to have the string <!-- in xmp without having the rest of the page eaten up into xmp element.
  • It should be possible to have <!-- near the start of a script or style element without having a matching --> and still the trailing part of the page shouldn't get eaten up into the script or style element.
  • Pages authored naively for HTML5-parsing-enabled UAs shouldn't be XSS risks in legacy UAs.
  • When the author uses comment-like syntax in the fallback markup in iframe, noembed or noframes, the comment-like syntax should span the same character run that it would if it were parsed as markup.

Nice to Have Requirements

  • It would be nice for the rest of the page not to get eaten up when the author omits </title> accidentally or mistypes it as <title>.


  • Remove <!-- ... --> escapes from title, textarea and xmp.
  • Make the closing condition for <!-- ... --> in iframe, noembed and noframes match the comment closing conditions exactly.
  • Remove <!-- ... --> escapes from script and style and introduce a novel string literal detector heuristic.

String Literal Detector Heuristic

CDATA state

Treat per current spec.
Anything else


Anything else