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WebAppsTweet is a simple script responsible for updating our Twitter account whenever the specification is changed. It is written on top of Twython. This page documents most of its source code, which you are free to use for any purpose.

# coding=UTF-8

# The parameters passed are rev/message/flags/bug/level

import cgi
from twython import Twython

consumer_key = "..."
consumer_secret = "..."
oauth_token = "..."
oauth_secret = "..."

form = cgi.FieldStorage()
revision = ""
message = ""

    revision = form["rev"].value
    message = form["message"].value

if revision and message != "typo" and message != "xref":
    shorturl = "http://html5.org/r/" + revision
    message = shorturl + " — " + message
    if len(message) > 140:
        message = message[:139] + "…"

    twitter = Twython(
      twitter_token = consumer_key,
      twitter_secret = consumer_secret,
      oauth_token = oauth_token,                               
      oauth_token_secret = oauth_secret
    print "Content-Type:text/plain\n"
    print twitter.updateStatus(status=message)
    print "Content-Type:text/plain\n"
    print "Not today. Not today."