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Validator.nu JSON Output: Difference between revisions

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====Message ''object''s====
====Message ''object''s====

===The <code>"url" ''string''</code>
===The <code>"url" ''string''</code>===

===The <code>"result"</code> ''object''===
===The <code>"result"</code> ''object''===

Revision as of 16:04, 11 September 2007

This is a draft of a Web service response format for Validator.nu for clients that prefer JSON over XML.

Root Object

The root object is a JSON object. It has two mandatory keys, "messages" and "result", and three optional keys, "url", "source" and "parse-tree".

The values for these keys are described below.

The "messages" array

The this array is an ordered collection of zero or more message objects.

Message objects

The "url" string

The "result" object

The "source" object

The "parse-tree" object

Processing Model

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