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Past: CSS
Past: CSS
== Notes ==
* EventTarget.on.eventName.add() & friends; for these listeners events always go through the bubble phase; can register for capture, just target, and target+bubble; native support for event delegation
* DocumentFragment.innerHTML where the insertion mode is determined by the first start tag (so e.g. strings with <tr>s or <option> don't get garbled)
* Node.remove(), Node.append(), & friends (vararg)
* CSSOM: focus on overrideStyle and resolvedStyle; only expose new value API through those for now?

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Hi there. My name is Anne van Kesteren and I work for Opera Software. I blog.

Feel free to contact me.


The following specifications have priority:

These specifications I'm working on to a lesser extent:

I might work on:

These specifications I have no plans of updating anytime soon:

I stopped working on:


Present: HTML, Notifications (chair), WebApps, WebAppsSec, XML ER

Following: HTTP, URL

Past: CSS