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This documents research and notes around URLs for the URL standard.



Variants of the following code (runs in Live DOM Viewer) are useful to test which code points are URL escaped in browsers:

<!DOCTYPE html>
var a = document.createElement("a")

i = 0
cp = 0x100

while ( i < cp ) {
  a.href = "http://x" + String.fromCharCode(i) + "@x/"
  if(a.href.length != "http://x)@x/".length) {


JavaScript libraries

For improving the API we might want to take inspiration from:


Currently the parser does not separate out query, this could be problematic for about and maybe mailto.

  • data
  • javascript
  • mailto
  • about (uselessly defined in RFC 6694)


IDNA2003 below is IDNA2003 with updated Unicode (in theory IDNA2003 restricts Unicode to 3.2?)

What algorithms do we need. ToLabels(domain string) -> list of labels (trailing dot) or failure. ToASCII(label) -> ASCII-label. ToUnicode(label) -> Unicode label. ToLabels should do validation and such too. ToASCII and ToUnicode ideally never fail because ToLabels already ensured validity.