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This documents research and notes around URLs for the upcoming URL standard.
This documents research and notes around URLs for the [http://url.spec.whatwg.org/ URL standard].
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* https://github.com/cweb/iri-tests
* https://github.com/cweb/iri-tests
== Terminology ==
;URL string: What you find in attribute values, property values, method parameters, etc.
;parse a URL string ''url'' using base URL ''base'': Turning a URL string into a URL by using a base URL.
;URL: An in-memory representation of a URL with various properties as elaborated on by model below.
;URL interface/object: JavaScript representation of a URL.
URL (.href)
- invalid?
- scheme (.protocol)
- authority
  - username (proposed .username)
  - password (proposed .password)
  - ip/host (.hostname)
  - port (.port)
- path (.pathname)
- query (.search)
- fragment (.hash)

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