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Time element

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Research, data, use cases, issues, and enhancements related to the HTML5 time element.

year only

The time element should accept just a year.

ISO8601 syntax
use case research

Opinions / discusion:

year month only

The time element should accept just a year and a month.

ISO8601 syntax

Opinions / discusion:

  • +1 Faruk (per Bug 7145 - Valid date strings should accept ambiguous inputs, like "2009" or "2007-01") One example is the very common archive view found on most blogs, which contain distinct links or headers for each year, each month per year, and often each date within a chosen or highlighted month. Currently, the <time> element only allows for datetime values as precise as a specific day, e.g. YYYY-MM-DD.
  • -1 Hixie - "Without clear use cases, I don't intend to change the spec here." (ibid)

month day only

The time element should accept just a month and a day.

ISO8601 syntax
use case research