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WHATWG Specifications

  • I think this whole section should go. Problems should be categorised by what they apply to, not classified by which specification should solve them. The solution, not the problem, is bound to a particular specification. --Michel Fortin
    • I agree that problems shouldn't be categorised by the specification, but I don't agree this section should go. I think it's ok to provide some documentation about the actual specifications, including the actual features included within. It should be used to provide summaries and examples of actual features. Only when a proposal has been accepted and included in the spec, should it be included in this section. --Lachlan Hunt 22:03, 15 Nov 2006 (PST)

Terms, Acronyms and Abbreviations

  • I think this section too should go too. --Michel Fortin
    • I agree. If needed, we could create a glossary, but I don't think abbreviations and other terms should be on separate pages. --Lachlan Hunt 22:05, 15 Nov 2006 (PST)
      • I agree that this can be condensed to a single page, but I think we still need a page for this. A glossary is a good idea. --Matthew Raymond

Pandora Style Charm Bracelet System

Charm bracelets are already trendy and put on during the ages.

Shells, animal-bones and clay had been applied to generate diamond charms by prehistoric guy and as earlier as 75,000 many years ago, there's proof from Africa that shells had been applied for adornment. Even Queen Victoria wore elegance bracelets that began a style between the European noble classes!

The Pandora design elegance bracelet system, which originated inside Norrebrogade region of Copenhagen in 1982, is mainly a excellent and modern day model of your elegance bracelet. rather than hanging the charms and beads, they're drilled having a central hole and screw or slide on to a snake-chain bracelet. they're also interchangeable to let wearers to produce their very own look.

The steel bracelet is separated into three or four segments, and fastens collectively having a bead shaped box clasp which closes seamlessly more than the ends from the chain, and seems much like every other bead in your bracelet.

There are exclusive beads known as stopper clips which might possibly be applied to conceal the extra raised sections about the chain. They clip on <A href=“http://www.pandorabracelet-canada.com/”>Pandora Bracelets sale</A> to the raised sections and fasten similarly for the box clasp.

A protection Chain might possibly be also applied for additional security.

There are several other kinds of clasps applied with the Pandora design bracelet which contain a lobster claw clasp or toggle clasp.

The charms tend to be created from several kinds of metal, ranging from alloy to sterling silver; silver plated to rare metal plated, and arrive in quite a few numerous shapes, just like prams, animals, teapots, four-leaf clovers and quite a few more. you will discover charms known as spacers that are mostly plainer and will have embedded stones, and/or enamel colours.

The frosted glass beads have just one or double central primary which assess roughly 4cm - 5cm. They tend to be created from alloy, sterling silver, silver plated or rare metal plated. They arrive inside a extensive selection of styles, such as <A href=“http://www.pandorabracelet-canada.com/”>buy Pandora Bracelets</A> but not restricted to ceramic, faceted, pet cats eye, silver and/or rare metal foil, Rondell, Murano frosted glass rhinestone, steel and dangle charms.

The Pandora design bracelet program is mainly a terrific present concept for associates or loved ones. they are able to expand on their collection, ordering extra charms and beads to produce their very own combinations, or in remembrance of exclusive instances and events within their lives.