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Talk:Differences from HTML4

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Revision as of 14:10, 12 April 2007 by Jarvklo (talk | contribs)
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  • Shouldn't we mention explicitly somewhere that changes are in reference to HTML 4.01 Strict ?
Changes are in reference to HTML4 in general. Including the Transitional and Frameset "versions". Annevk 11:54, 12 April 2007 (UTC)
OK. I suspected as much. :) Let me exemplify why I raised the question and think it needs to be clarified if this page is intended to be used as a reference index for people migrating between "4" and "5":
Consider "body" and "form" for example - are they "changed elements" since they has a different content model in "4 Transitional" and "4 Frameset" as compared to "4 Strict" and "5" or not? I can easilly imagine different people interpreting the baseline used here very differently depending on where in the "4" world they come from :) Jarvklo 14:07, 12 April 2007 (UTC)

Things to possibly add:

  • The changes in the content model of several elements (eg. div and li) that has changed to use "zero or more block-level elements, or inline-level content (but not both)"
  • The content model changes for table (and it's children)
  • new <input> types
  • Miscellaneous new HTMLDocument APIs:
    • getElementsByClassName
    • activeElement
    • hasFocus
  • Miscellaneous new HTMLElement APIs:
    • getElementsByClassName
    • innerHTML
    • classList
    • click / blur / focus made global
  • Predefined class names
  • Predefined link types
  • Miscellaneous new APIs on specific elements (only ones that aren't tied directly to new attributes and aren't already listed)
    • relList on HTMLLinkElement, HTMLAElement
  • Auto-linking to term definitions
  • Sectioning
  • Scoped styles