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* behavior
* behavior
* bitrate
* bitrate
* built-in (though see https://github.com/heycam/webidl/issues/350)
* cancelation
* cancelation
* canceled
* canceled

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American English.


  • behavior
  • bitrate
  • built-in (though see https://github.com/heycam/webidl/issues/350)
  • cancelation
  • canceled
  • canceling
  • cipher
  • colorspace
  • email
  • implementer
  • keepalive (though HTTP Keep-Alive [sic] header)
  • metadata
  • nonzero
  • referrer (though HTTP Referer [sic] header)
  • whitespace (though CSS white-space [sic] property)


  • Use 's for possesives, even when it looks unnatural.
  • Use the Oxford Comma.
  • Avoid "one of" unless it's followed by a bulleted list. You can normally leave it out and just use "or". If you cannot leave it out, that might be a good indication you want to use a bulleted list for clarity.
  • A hierarchy (not an).


  • web, unless at the start of a sentence


  • Spaces around — (em dash)
  • Lowercase after colon (The slot attribute is used to assign a slot to an element: an element with a slot attribute is assigned to the slot created by the slot element whose name attribute's value matches that slot attribute's value)

Words and phrases used as words


  • Avoid using "simply" or suggesting that something is simple
  • Don't use "white" as meaning good and "black" as meaning bad; more concretely, "safelist" and "blocklist" are established precedent