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* XMLSerializer()
* XMLSerializer()
* DOMParser()
* DOMParser()
* An API for cryptography, to generate keys and the like
=== CSS ===
=== CSS ===

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There are many specifications that need editors. This page lists some of the more important ones. If you want to volunteer to edit one of these specs, contain ian@hixie.ch or post on the WHATWG mailing list or say something on the #whatwg IRC channel on Freenode.

How to edit a spec

We have some documentation on how to write a spec that could help if you want to help out.

Specs to edit


  • Web DOM Core is looking for an editor (http://simon.html5.org/specs/web-dom-core)
    • should document.documentURI really exist? be readonly?
  • A rewrite of DOM2 Traversal.
  • A rewrite of DOM2 Range.
    • including much more detail
    • including de-facto features, e.g. createContextualFragment()
  • User Interaction Events (onclick, onkeypress, etc).
    • e.g. need to define somewhere that if you cancel mousedown, an element can't get focus
  • window.atob
  • window.btoa
  • XMLSerializer()
  • DOMParser()
  • An API for cryptography, to generate keys and the like


There are many specifications for extending CSS that are in need of editors. The most important ones are:

  • CSS3 Flexible Box or some other UI layout model
  • CSS Animation
  • CSS Gradients
    • CSSOM needs to define how Link:, <?xml-stylesheet?>, <link rel=stylesheet>, and <style> interact with the fetching algorithm, the event loop, and the parsers from HTML5.
  • <?xml-stylesheet?> could do with a rewrite for integration with CSSOM; do 'load' and 'error' events fire on it?


  • an API to do syntax highlighting on <textarea>, <pre>, and contenteditable sections would be highly popular with Web developers (ack Ryan Johnson). (This would probably best be done as some sort of output filter at the CSS level, rather than anything HTML-specific.)

See also

Other stuff

Some notes from the HTML5 spec about things that need doing: