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(dedicated page for research pages)
(research is for proposals, sort of)
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Research pertaining to and data on publishing behavior for various bits of markup, used to help drive decisions made in/for HTML5 for specific elements and attributes.
#REDIRECT [[Category:Proposals]]
=== Feature areas ===
* [[timed tracks]]
* [[SRT research]]
=== Elements ===
* [[cite]]
* [[del]]
* [[input]]
* [[summary]]
* [[time]]
=== Attributes ===
* [[alt]]
* [[charset]]
* [[class]]
* [[longdesc]]
* [[sandbox]]
* [[Table Summary|summary]]
=== Meta ===
* [[Content-Language]]
These pages may also be of interest:
* [[Issue Discussion]]
* [[Feature Proposals]]
* [[Presentational elements and attributes]]

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