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This page lists the allowed extension values for the rel="" attribute in HTML5. You may add your own values to this list, which makes them legal HTML5 rel values. We ask that you try to avoid redundancy; if someone has already defined a value that does roughly what you want, please reuse it.

<thead> </thead> <tbody> </tbody>
Keyword Allowed on... Brief description Link to more details Synonyms
link a and area
script not allowed not allowed Was proposed to replace <script>. Use <script> instead. none
glossary Hyperlink Hyperlink Target document provides definitions for words in current document. [HTML4]
chapter Hyperlink Hyperlink Target document is a subdocument of the current document. [HTML4] section, subsection, appendix

The "Allowed on... link" column must either say "not allowed", if the rel value is not allowed on <link> elements, or "hyperlink", if the rel value creates a hyperlink, or "external resource", if the rel value creates a link to an external resource.

The "Allowed on... a and area" column must either say "not allowed" or "hyperlink".

For more details, see [the HTML5 specification].