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Problem Solving

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This is an empty page that describes what should be documented about a problem and the different solutions proposed to address it. Feel free to copy this template to when creating a new page.

Brief description of the problem to solve.

Use Case Description

Complete description of the use case.

Current Limitations

Explanation of why the current markup is insufficient.

Current Usage and Workarounds

Some evidence that this feature is desperately needed on the web. You may provide a separate examples page for listing these.


Explanation of how and why new markup would be useful.

Requests for this Feature

  • Source

    I would like this feature ...

Proposed Solutions

My Solution

Brief description of the solution and of how it address the problem at hand.

Processing Model

Explanation of the changes introduced by this solution. It explains how the document is processed, and how errors are handled. This should be very clear, including things such as event timing if the solution involves events, how to create graphs representing the data in the case of semantic proposals, etc.


Cases not covered by this solution in relation to the problem description; other problems with this solution, if any.


Description of how and why browser vendors would take advantage of this feature.


Reasons why page authors would use this solution.