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Presentational elements and attributes

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The HTML 5 spec lists some obsolete elements and attributes, some of which the advice given is "Use CSS instead.".

This page is intended to give advice about specific CSS features that can be used instead of each such element or attribute.

You should think about whether there is a semantic element that matches the intent of your use of a presentational element. If there is such an element, you should use it, and if it doesn't already have a default styling that you like, then you can use CSS from the tables below to make it look like you want.

Presentational elements

Element CSS feature
basefont 'font-size', 'font-family' and 'color' on body
big 'font-size:larger'
blink 'text-decoration:blink'
center 'text-align:center' and 'margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto' on descendant blocks
font 'font-size', 'font-family' and 'color'
marquee CSS transitions and animations
s 'text-decoration:line-through'
spacer 'margin', 'padding'
strike 'text-decoration:line-through'
tt 'font-family:monospace'
u 'text-decoration:undefline'

Presentational attributes

Attribute CSS feature
alink on body elements
background on body elements
bgcolor on body elements
link on body elements
text on body elements
vlink on body elements
clear on br elements
align on caption elements
align on col elements
ch on col elements
chOff on col elements
valign on col elements
width on col elements
align on div elements
compact on dl elements
align on hr elements
noshade on hr elements
size on hr elements
width on hr elements
align on h1—h6 elements
align on iframe elements
frameborder on iframe elements
marginheight on iframe elements
marginwidth on iframe elements
scrolling on iframe elements
align on input elements
align on img elements
border on img elements
hspace on img elements
vspace on img elements
align on legend elements
type on li elements
compact on menu elements
align on object elements
border on object elements
hspace on object elements
vspace on object elements
compact on ol elements
type on ol elements
align on p elements
width on pre elements
align on table elements
bgcolor on table elements
border on table elements
cellpadding on table elements
cellspacing on table elements
frame on table elements
rules on table elements
width on table elements
align on tbody, thead, and tfoot elements
ch on tbody, thead, and tfoot elements
chOff on tbody, thead, and tfoot elements
valign on tbody, thead, and tfoot elements
align on td and th elements
bgColor on td and th elements
ch on td and th elements
chOff on td and th elements
height on td and th elements
noWrap on td and th elements
vAlign on td and th elements
width on td and th elements
align on tr elements
bgcolor on tr elements
ch on tr elements
chOff on tr elements
valign on tr elements
compact on ul elements
type on ul elements