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New Vocabularies

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This page summarises the problems discussed in the e-mails that ended up in the html-parsing-rules-namespaces-discussion folder.

  • Putting an equation in a Web page.
    • Maintainability
    • Searchability
    • Accessibility
    • Typographically-sound printing
    • Ease of authoring (are authors willing to learn new formats?)
    • Ease of import from existing documents
    • Ease of implementation (are UAs willing to implement new formats?)
    • Resistance to errors (e.g. not brittle in the face of syntax errors)
  • Migrating from LaTeX to HTML.
    • Fidelity
  • Writing a document by hand, with inline diagrams imported from a graphics package.
    • Compatibility with existing graphics packages
    • Resistance to errors (e.g. not brittle in the face of syntax errors)
    • Scriptable (retained-mode, with DOM support, without requiring cross-frame scripting)
    • Round-tripping (the ability to take image fragments from a Web page and edit them)
  • Writing documents that include diagrams that include typographically-correct mathematics.

Philip also wrote a detailed story, which touches on several of the points above, of what we want to enable. In addition to the points above, his requirements include a solution for ID clashes in multiple-document transclution, and a solution for embedding custom non-visible data in an HTML document for scripting purposes.

Supporting data and research

  • What is the most widely known way of authoring mathematics?
  • What human-editable source language are equations mostly serialised in today?