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  <td>The &lt;menu> feature with many elements providing commands
  <td>The &lt;menu> feature with many elements providing commands
  <td>Negative interest
  <td>'''Negative interest'''

Revision as of 00:27, 22 November 2012

There are features that have been requested, but for which we are lacking implementor interest. Without two or more vendors interested in implementing the feature, they are unlikely to get added to the specs.

Feature Interest indicated by... Comments
Mozilla (Firefox) Opera Microsoft (IE) Apple (Safari) Google (Chrome) Others
Cross-origin seamless iframes Adam Barth
The <menu> feature with many elements providing commands Negative interest Will likely be dropped if no interest is indicated
A method to trigger autofill Elliott Sprehn, Peter Kasting
Progress events on IMG elements Jonas Sicking
Canvas: isPointInStroke Jeff Muizelaar