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Meta referrer

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This document describes a proposal the "referrer" metadata name. Using the referrer metadata attribute, a document can control the behavior if the Referer HTTP header attached to requests that originate from the document.



Keyword: referrer

The referrer metadata attribute can have one of four values:

  • never
  • always
  • origin
  • default

Let directive be the value of the content attribute with LWS stripped from the beginning and end of the string and covered to lower case. If directive is none of the strings listed above, the user agent MUST act as if directive is the string default.


If the directive is a string other than default, then Step 3 of Fetching resources in the HTML standard [HTML] is altered as follows:

  • never:


This meta element instructs the user agent to omit the Referer header in all HTTP requests that originate from the document containing the element:

<meta name="referrer" content="never">

This meta element instructs the user agent to include the document's origin in the Referer header rather than the full URL of the document.

<meta name="referrer" content="origin">