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This page lists the allowed extension values for the name="" attribute of the <meta> element in HTML5. You may add your own values to this list, which makes them legal HTML5 metadata names. We ask that you try to avoid redundancy; if someone has already defined a name that does roughly what you want, please reuse it.

Keyword Brief description Link to more details Synonyms Status
keywords A comma separated list of keywords that describe this page. Not necessary these days; search engines use much more sophisticated means to determine the page's contents. none Unendorsed
description A short paragraph of text explaining what the page is about. none Proposal

For the "Status" section to be changed to "Accepted", the proposed keyword must have been through the Microformats process, and been approved by the Microformats community. If it fails to go through this process, it is "Unendorsed".

For more details, see the HTML5 specification.