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* [[FAQ]]
* [[FAQ]]
* [[Implementations]]
* [[Implementations]]
* [[What you can do]]
* [[What you can do]] — '''[[Help us review HTML5!|Review HTML5]]
* [[Authoring|Using HTML 5 in your Web site]]
* [[Authoring|Using HTML 5 in your Web site]]
* [[HTML vs. XHTML]]
* [[HTML vs. XHTML]]

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Welcome to the WHATWG Wiki!

You can be a part of our community, making proposals for the next version of HTML5. This wiki is made available for you for drafting proposals, for writing essays, for keeping track of HTML-related issues, and so forth. Anyone can create an account and contribute content.

Before you begin, you may wish to read our contribution guidelines.


The purpose of the WHATWG Wiki is to create a place for WHATWG contributors to post and compile their own proposals and ideas regarding WHATWG specifications. The specifications themselves will not be available for editing via this wiki. However, ideas you post here may find their way into current and future WHATWG specifications.

Main sections and Quick links

WHATWG Specifications

Communicating with the community

The WHATWG community has several channels of communication: