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Implementations in Web browsers

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This is a list of known implementations of HTML5 and related features in web browsers. (It is incomplete, feel free to fix it.)




Web Forms 2.0


  • Project webforms2 emulates a big part of WF2 in every browser
  • date input element with input-type-date works in Firefox, IE6/7, Safari
  • Repetition Model (dropped from the spec) - Opera 9 (native), with repetitionmodel works in Firefox, IE6/7, Safari 2.0.4
  • Project [1] emulate in IE6/7 validation, date and time types, range, repetition, calculated fields, datalist, autofocus.

Web Sockets

  • Chrome dev channel ( or later) implemented WebSocket.
  • There is work ongoing to implement this for Firefox and Safari/WebKit.
  • pywebsocket implemented server side.
  • jWebSocket High Speed Java WebSocket Server including JavaScript/HTML5 WebSocket Client

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