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Implementations in Web browsers

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List of known implementations of HTML 5 in web browsers (list is incomplete, feel free to extend it)

For summary see Comparison of layout engines (WHATWG) in Wikipedia.


canvas with some limitation implemented in Firefox, Opera and Safari, with ExplorerCanvas emulated in Internet Explorer 6/7

getElementsByClassName implemented in Firefox 3

Client-side session and persistent storage implemented in Firefox 2

Custom content handlers partially implemented in Firefox 2

ping attribute implemented in Firefox 3

Cross-document messaging implemented in Opera 9

Audio interface implemented in Opera 9

video element basic implementation in experimental Opera build and experimental Firefox build; with mv_embed script in every browser with Java support

Server-sent DOM events implemented in Opera 9

contenteditable attribute implemented by Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox 3

Drag & drop (partially) implemented in Internet Explorer and Safari.

Web Forms 2.0

Opera 9 fully implements Web Forms 2.

date input element with input-type-date works in Firefox, IE6/7, Safari

Repetition Model - Opera 9 (native), with repetitionmodel works in Firefox, IE6/7, Safari 2.0.4

Project [1] emulate in IE6/7 validation, date and time types, range, repetition, calculated fields, datalist, autofocus.

Web Controls 1.0

Not yet.