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HTML5 Survey

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A small markup survey to figure out if the specification needs changes. Markup is only briefly scanned. Feel free to do it again and update the comments.

Sites are based on http://html5gallery.com/ and listed in reverse chronological order:

Does not use HTML5 elements, but does use HTML5-inspired class names. It uses sections whose only child is article. Also uses article inside section inside nav. Very weird.
Looks ok.
Does not use HTML5 elements.
Has redundant section inside article.
Looks ok.
Misuses h3 for paragraph content. Uses section as a wrapper for the main content. Not sure what to say about the dubious list usage.
Uses section as a wrapper for the main content. Mixes HTML5 and HTML4-style markup.
Uses nav for the WordPress sidebar. Uses a div as a wrapper for the main content though with role="main". Uses implied sections inside articles. Looks ok.
Uses a div as a wrapper for the main content. Looks ok.