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HTML5 References

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If anyone has this book ("Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice in C"),
please check page 34 or so and see if it makes any references to literature in
the bibliographic section to define the "even-odd" rule for polygon filling and
hit testing.
  <dt id="refsGRAPHICS">[GRAPHICS]</dt>
  <dd><cite>Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice in C</cite>, Second
  Edition, J. Foley, A. van Dam, S. Feiner, J. Hughes. Addison-Wesley, July
  1995. ISBN 0-201-84840-6.</dd>

  <dt id="refsGREGORIAN">[GREGORIAN]</dt>
  <dd><cite>Inter Gravissimas</cite>, A. Lilius, C. Clavius. Gregory XIII Papal
  Bulls, February 1582.</dd>


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