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HTML5 Conformance Checker Error Messages

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Revision as of 17:31, 17 November 2006 by Lachlan Hunt (talk | contribs) (HTML5 Validator Error Messages moved to HTML5 Conformance Checker Error Messages: It's not just a validator, it's a conformance checker which does more than just validation.)
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This page is for documenting the error messages from the HTML5 Validator.

These error messages have come from Jing. They need to be documented and tested. We also need to try and come up with more user friendly errors, where possible.

  • unknown element {0}
  • required elements missing
  • element {0} not allowed in this context
  • attribute {0} not allowed at this point; ignored
  • bad value for attribute {0}
  • required attributes missing
  • unfinished element
  • text not allowed here
  • document incompletely matched
  • bad character content for element
  • element cannot have content that consists only of text
  • schema does not allow anything: it is equivalent to <notAllowed/>

[http://lachy.id.au/dev/2006/11/html5/ Test cases} for these errors are available.