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Ideas around changing the FormData API.

  • Populate FormData from the server. (multipart/form-data entity -> FormData)
  • Get and manipulate FormData values.

FormData Proposal

  • void append(name, value [, filename]) — appends new entry to end of entries, normalizes Blob to File
  • boolean has(name) — basic boolean check
  • sequence<(DOMString or File)> get(name) — get all entries for name
  • void remove(name) — removes *all* entries for name

Also support iterator on the object.

XMLHttpRequest Proposal

responseType = "formdata"

Parse as multipart/form-data and populate FormData. Probably need to have a good definition of multipart/form-data first.

XXX: The HTML dirname feature seems to be one way only. Maybe the feature needs to be redesigned?

XXX: If there is no name, imply "isindex"?

HTML Proposal

Something like HTMLFormElement.populate(FormData) which updates all entries with the data from FormData. Maybe it should take a dictionary to indicate whether unaffected items should be cleared or retained.