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Fetch is fetch.spec.whatwg.org and will define HTML fetch and CORS as a set of coherent algorithms rather than the intertwined mess we have now. It will also deal with the following:

  • Deal with authentication (URLs containing username/password, servers responding with 401)
  • Deal with URL processing
  • Define HTTP context for data: URLs, about:blank, and file: URLs.
  • Progress Events


The basic model is Request -> Fetch -> Response.


  • Parsed URL (object)
  • method (probably with restrictions as seen in XHR)
  • UA headers
  • author headers (maybe rename because people get upset with "author", with implicit restrictions as seen in XHR / CORS)
  • entity body
  • origin (object)
  • referrer source (Document / URL)
  • manual redirect flag
  • omit credentials flag (will replace HTML fetch block cookies flag but also has other features)
  • force preflight flag (set for upload progress notifications (to not reveal existence of server in case of POST I suppose; see bug 20322))
  • synchronous flag
  • force same-origin flag (looks identical to No CORS, fail, filed bug 20951
  • CORS mode
    • No CORS, taint (<link>, <script>, ...); still need to allow the server to opt in to CORS anyway to effectively make the resource CORS same-origin even if not requested as such (HTML does not have this feature
    • No CORS, fail (<track>)
    • Anonymous
    • Credentialed


Have a case-switch on URL scheme. See also URL. Fetch results in a network error response unless the scheme is one of


Both intermediate updates (progress, headers received, ...) and final. Also indicates network error / CORS error (exposed as network error), ...