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Del element

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Research, data, use cases, issues, and enhancements related to the HTML5 del element.

datetime attribute

The del element has a datetime attribute that requires an explicit date and time.

dates without times

In short: the datetime attribute (on both del and ins elements) should permit just a date value, in addition to permitting explicit dates with times.

ISO8601 syntax

Currently the datetime attribute requires both a date and time.

On the other hand, the time element's datetime attribute allows just a date.

Allowing just a date has the following advantages:

  1. easier for hand-authoring (per the preferring authors principle of the HTML5 design principles). Authors can more easily add ins/del elements with explicit datetime attributes if they are permitted to specify only the date (they might not know or care about the precise time), e.g. in blog posts that are updated by the author.
  2. avoids artificial precision. Forcing an explicit date and time forces authors to enter artificial precision (e.g. YYYY-MM-DDT00:00:00Z instead of YYYY-MM-DD). Allowing just dates permits authors to convey that a del/ins occurred on a certain day, and that the precise time is unknown or irrelevant.

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