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Here are some ideas for how to include custom data in HTML documents.


<span data-thing="50" data-doohickey="4,5,1,2">bla bla</span>

if (span.dataset.thing > 10) { ... }
span.dataset.doohickey = '1,2,3,4';


<span custom:my-thing="50" custom:my-other-thing="4,5,1,2">bla bla</span>
<span custom-my-thing="50" custom-my-other-thing="4,5,1,2">bla bla</span>
<span><param name=my-thing value="50"><param name=my-other-thing value="4,5,1,2">bla bla</span>

What are the reasons for rejection? The first uses namespaces which suck, and the third is super verbose, but what's wrong with the second?