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This page lists the allowed extension values for the class="" attribute in HTML5. You may add your own values to this list, which makes them legal HTML5 class names. We ask that you try to avoid redundancy; if someone has already defined a name that does roughly what you want, please reuse it.

Keyword Applicable elements Brief description Link to more details Synonyms Status
msonormal All elements A value used by Microsoft Office HTML output to mean nothing (literally). none Unendorsed
price span Indicates that the element represents a price. If there is a child element abbr, then the title of that element gives the currency. The textContent of the element, ignoring the contents of the abbr element, if any, must be a valid floating point number. none Proposal
ct em Indicates that the element represents a conformance term. The element must have a single text node which value is one of the key words defined by RFC 2119, *lowercased*. It is expected that this class will mainly be used in specifications. none rfc2119 Proposal

For the "Status" section to be changed to "Accepted", the proposed keyword must have been through the Microformats process, and been approved by the Microformats community. If it fails to go through this process, it is "Unendorsed".

For more details, see the HTML5 specification.