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Change Proposal for ISSUE-150

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Revision as of 21:42, 6 February 2011 by Hixie (talk | contribs) (→‎Rationale)
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Do not micromanage editors on editorial details.


Pushing for details such as how to write down Unicode character names only makes sense if all W3C specifications were using the same notation. As they are not using the same notation this problem is greater than HTML5 and cannot be solved by this Working Group micromanaging its editors.

With any edit of this scale, errors are made. Given the sensitive nature of the particular topic at hand, these errors could be especially bad, ranging for interoperability errors (where different browsers implement different rules because they were done before or after the edit), to validators giving bad advice (because of inconsistencies between sections giving authoring conformance criteria and sections giving implementation requirements), to introducing oddities into the platform (e.g. using an unusual character for separating a list).


No change.


Editors will not feel micromanaged. W3C consistency can still be pursued at a higher level and applied retroactively later.