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Change Proposal for ISSUE-144

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This is the CCP against ChangeProposals - U Should Be Conforming.


There is no new use cases addressed by the <u> element.


  • All the reasons a human author might have to use <u> already have more appropriate elements, except the two cases given in the CP. They are both too rare on the Web to be considered valid use cases.
  • If we were to address the use case of content generated by an authoring agent, the same argument should be applied to <font>, <big>, <layer>, <blink>, <tt>, <center>, align="", etc.
  • An underlined text which is not a hyperlink confuses the user in his/her browsing experience.


No change.


Positive Impact

Authors will have to use appropriate semantic markup for applying underlines. (e.g. <ins> for insertion, <em> for emphasis, etc.)

Negative Impact